The Diamondhead Police Department provides protection to the entire Diamondhead Community.  Diamondhead’s Chief of Police, Joel Tyner, and his officers are duly commissioned and certified Law Enforcement Officers.  They are deputized by the Sheriffs’ Departments in both Garland and Hot Spring counties and have arrest authority in both counties.  This relationship allows both Sheriffs’ Departments to enter into Diamondhead and assist the Diamondhead Police.  It also enables Diamondhead Officers to assist those county agencies as well.

The intent of our gate is not to totally restrict access, but to welcome all visitors, and serve our residents with a higher degree of security.  Upon arriving at the Diamondhead front gate you will be welcomed by one of our law enforcement officers who has been trained to assist you.

As a resident, it is your responsibility to notify Diamondhead’s law enforcement officers of the anticipated arrival of guests, service personnel or delivery trucks so they can efficiently ensure that only members, or other authorized individuals, have access to our community. If Diamondhead residents prefer to be notified by telephone when these individuals arrive, our gate personnel must have a record of that preference to efficiently meet the needs of the neighborhood. Members often choose to meet their new guests at the gate.

Our department patrols all roads in Diamondhead. They also provide house checks for individuals who are away for extended periods. Once a form has been properly completed at the front gate, it is passed on to law enforcement and that residence is then included on a house watch list. We are very fortunate to have the cooperation of Diamondhead Police Department, Garland County and Hot Spring County Sheriffs’ offices providing around-the-clock police protection for our community.

Chief Tyner’s door is always open, so stop in and visit your Police Department.